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CSU Ferguson

A devised piece of monolgues written and performed by the cast.

Hayward, CA 2017

KCACTF at Spokane, WA 2018

Designed By: Lance O'Dell and Richard Olmsted

Directed By: Ann Fajilan

Photographs By: Richard Olmsted and Scott Wall

CSUF preshow.jpg

•The show was devised at the direction of Ann Fajilan who challenged the cast to write and perform monologues from their own lives, especially their experiences with living in America in the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

•The show was selected to perform at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region VII in Spokane, Washington in 2018. This meant the entire show needed to be designed to fit inside a box truck for the travel between CA and WA.

•The production won many awards at KCACTF and was invited to perform at National Festival held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. 

•Original material show budget was $2000 before travel.


•The show ended with the above photo depicting the names of places all over America where police murdered unarmed black men as of 2017.

CSU Ferguson Column.jpg
CSUF Travel Cost Estimate.jpg

•Part of the planning process for travel was determining how the set was going to get to the Theatre Festival. I researched many different options, as shown in the email above. Eventually it was determined that the school would rent a truck and I would personally drive the nearly 1800 miles round trip between Hayward and Spokane.

CSU Ferguson Truck Setup.jpg

•I also drafted a test truck pack of the set based on the measurements on the website and the measurements of our set. Unfortunately in reality the truck was not actually 9 feet wide and therefore the two four foot wide platform stacks had to be in front of each other instead of next to each other. Luckily we went with the 26' box truck and everything worked out.


•Here's a photo of the truck in front of the hotel we stayed in overnight in Bend, Oregon. Of course since it was February it snowed the whole time. Luckily the road conditions weren't too horrific and we made it up and back in the allotted time given.

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