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Documents and Organization

Milburn Stone Theatre
at Cecil College

North East, MD 2022-Current

Staff Carpenter
Interim Technical Director

Shop Reorganization

The Scene Shop at MST was previously arranged as a storage space instead of a working space. It was difficult and hazardous to pull any stock sheet goods or stick lumber and the chop saw was set up so only pieces 15 inches or less could be cut.

The metal structures that were originally holding the sheet and stick lumber were repurposed with some additional scrap metal, then welded into shelf-like objects for stick lumber only and the chop saw was given a custom table in the center so goods up to 12 feet long on the right or longer on the left could be cut. Storage space underneath was also utilized more efficiently. These changes used already present materials and cost nothing besides time.

The shop also originally had a portable tablesaw and with approval a Saw Stop brand permanent table saw was purchased. I then built an off-cut table for the table saw with added storage underneath for more stock wood. Finally, an upright sheet good rack was created and secured in place with concrete anchors.

Ohio University

Athens, OH 2019-2021

Graduate Assistant

First Aid Supply/Restock

This document was created to inform faculty of what was necessary for a first aid kit resupply.

California State University: East Bay

Hayward, CA 2014-2019

Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor

Online Safety Data Sheet Index

This document was originally hosted on the CSUEB cloud where all links were clickable.

Stock Flat and Platform Index

Stock Soft Goods Index

This document was originally hosted on the CSUEB cloud where the link was clickable.

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