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She Loves Me  by Masteroff, Bokk, and Harnick

North East, MD 2023

Designed By: Baz Wenger

Directed By: Andrew Mitchell

She Loves Me takes place in the early 1930s in an undisclosed city in Europe. The majority of the show takes place both outside and inside Maraczek's Perfumerie, with shorter scenes in a hospital, the bedroom of Amalia's apartment, and a restaurant.

The design for She Loves Me started with research of Art Deco architecture, combined with images of perfumeries from the 1930s.

Moscow's Metro station was inspiring for its distinctive Art Deco arches.

This perfumerie photo was inspiring for its beautiful walls and built in shelving.

This photo was inspiring for its gorgeous Art Deco style counters.

Originally, the work room was envisioned off to stage left, but ultimately we decided to go a different direction.

The paint elevation was a challenge in hand-eye coordination due to being in 1/4" scale!

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