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Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik

Athens, OH 2021

Designed By: Christopher Rees

Directed By: Alan Patrick Kenny

•A Covid-19 Film Production

•Most of the shots were with black commando cloth backgrounds on wooden frames built for a film the prior semester.

•Other shots were on location.

•The show material budget was $3500.

Above is the material bid sheet main page.

Above is the material bid sheet page for the Maypole specifically.

Above is the page detailing all the receipts for the show and the actual amount spent.

Draft for the Maypole.

The cardboard tube ended up being too short, so a scab was made using 2x6 pine turned to size on the lathe, then glued and screwed to the inside of the tube. Another cardboard tube was added to bring the whole unit to the desired length.

The base of the maypole was a 1/4" metal plate with a piece of schedule 40 pipe welded to it. The length of the pipe was changed to 4 feet from the original draft for added safety. Holes were drilled in the corners and pieces of scrap rebar were bent with an Oxy-Acetylene torch to be used as stakes. Finally multiple pieces of foam were used as paddling around the pipe for a tight fit for the cardboard tube.

The lid was given an internal piece for ease of attachment. The whole thing was then sent to paints and props for decoration.

Maypole staked in the ground on location and ready for filming prior to sunrise.

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